About Varde Municipality

Varde Municipality has it all when it comes to creating a good life for yourself and your family.

We have all the conditions you need to form a happy family life and an exciting career along with the chance to experience multiple sights and events up close.

Geographically speaking, Varde Municipality is located on the southwestern part of Denmark and stretches over 1256 km2 – making it the fifth largest municipality in Denmark. The long coastline from Nymindegab to the north down towards Skallingen to the south are enjoyed by both citizens and tourists due to the wild and undisturbed piece of nature. With both the Wadden Sea National Park and the Danish North Sea Nature Park we have surrounded ourselves with first class scenic beauty.

Furthermore, Varde Municipality offers great conditions for all kinds of businesses and a broad selection of cultural activities. Besides the many first class beaches and wild nature the area is packed with charming small towns and local communities buzzing with energy and excitement.