Holiday by the North Sea

For generations the North Sea has attracted a vast number of tourists due to its beautiful white beaches.

Varde Municipality is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Denmark. This position is a result of many undisturbed miles of white beaches, the high level of clean bathing water and the towns Blåvand, Henne and Vejers which all offer a number of modern experiences for tourists. From five star hotels and gourmet food to “keep it simple” and family fun by the seaside.

In 2015, Varde Municipality had 2.7 million overnight stays by guests from mainly Germany, Norway and Denmark. The guests stayed in everything from state-of-the-art holiday cottages to various sorts of camping sites, youth hostels and hotels by the beach.

  • There are around 8.000 holiday cottages in Varde Municipality. About half of these can be rented during the holiday season.
  • 25 % of all the holiday cottages in Southern Denmark are located in Varde Municipality.
  • In 2015, Varde Municipality had 2.7 million overnight stays – the second highest of any municipality in Denmark, only surpassed by Copenhagen.
  • 92 % of the tourists visiting Varde Municipality are either Germans or Danes.

For further information contact

Colin Seymour, Director of Tourism in Pro Varde
(+45) 20 35 42 61