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On this page we have gathered some basic informations that can prove practical if you are considering moving to Varde Municipality (Varde Kommune) or simply plan to visit our beautiful area.

We have a great variation in the supply of homes so there is guaranteed to be something to everyone’s taste. Right from the idyllic, old buildings in downtown Varde, to architecturally designed houses, closed down farms in stunning nature and attractive rentals.

If you prefer to build your own home from scratch we can also offer a variety of interesting building lots.

Moving to Varde Municipality

Moving from another country

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If you are moving to Varde Municipality from another country there are many practicalities to consider.

For example:

– tax registration,

– how to apply for a medical card,

– how to register your vehicle.

You can read about these subjects here (opens in new window).


If you have any questions regarding registration and paperwork, please contact your local Citizen Service Centre at


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If you are planning a holiday by The North Sea, then Varde Municipality is the place for you. Read more about having your holiday by The North Sea here.

Our area is rich in terms of both cultural attractions and nature experiences. You can read about a number of these experiences here.

See also our selection of possible leasure activities.