The pier at Hvidbjerg Strand

On the beach Hvidbjerg Strand a 200 feet long pier is reaching into the ocean. The pier is the first and so far the only one of its kind along the Danish west coast.

The 200 feet long pier at Hvidbjerg Strand serves as a bathing jetty and also offers an extraordinary view of the pretty white beach.
It has long been considered an impossible task to place a pier at the North Sea due to the massive force of the sea along the west coast. But the beach at Hvidbjerg Strand has the advantage of being sheltered a bit by the most western point in Denmark, Blåvandshuk, and therefore it has been possible to place a pier on the beach after all.
Because of the massive span in water levels between high and low tide the pier is partly flooded at high tide. On the other hand, there can be a span of more than eight feet from the pier to the surface at low tide.
Due to the massive shifts in the water levels, diving head first is not allowed from the pier. However, at high tide, it is possible to jump into the water from the end of the platform.
The pier is also a great spot for kids to fish for crabs and other small sea creatures.

  • The pier at Hvidbjerg Strand was established in 2015.
  • When it opened it became the first of its kind along the North Sea.
  • The pier has a 100 feet long ramp on the beach and from there it stretches 200 feet into the sea.


Badebroen ved Hvidbjerg Strand

Hvidbjerg Strandvej 31a, Blåvand