Roller skiing in SkiPark Vesterhavet

SkiPark Vesterhavet consists of four circular routes for roller skiers of every skill level.

SkiPark Vesterhavet is an area of activity for roller skiers. It is aimed at regular people looking for an alternative form of exercise, as well as outright specialists and skiing enthusiasts looking to stay in shape outside the season for cross-country skiing.

The activity centre Sportspark Blåvandshuk serves as base camp for the park but all four routes can be entered at any point along the route.

The four routes represent four different levels, from beginner to expert. In the summer season, two of the routes will be marked with street signs along the way. On these two routes, roller skiers are exempted from the normal rules of traffic as they are legally allowed to run on the roads and in the cycling lanes.

  • The four routes in SkiPark Vesterhavet is represented by the same levels known from the slopes – green, blue, red and black.
  • The park is placed in beautiful natural scenery.
  • The routes have been carefully selected through a collaboration with the Danish Skiing Association, who uses the area as an official training ground.


Sportspark Blåvandshuk, Strandvejen 2, 6840 Oksbøl