The artist Otto Frello

Otto Frello (1924-2015) was a famous Danish painter and illustrator whose importance for art in Varde Municipality is beyond comparison.

Otto Frello was born in 1924 in the small town Outrup right outside Varde. After finishing school he got an apprenticeship as a house painter in Billum before he left for Copenhagen in 1948. Here he lived until his death in March 2015. In the nation’s capital he received an education in various schools of art and eventually mastered the technique of painting to somewhat perfection. Usually he painted the reality of everyday life mixed with supernatural elements in his motifs.

The paintings of Otto Frello invites the viewer to use his or her own imagination. Frello’s works are often rich in details and can seem chaotic at first sight. At Varde Museum, next to his two famous house end paintings in downtown Varde, it is possible to see a collection of some of this artist’s most famous paintings.

  • Otto Frello was born on April 6​th​ 1924 in Outrup and died March 24​th​ 2015 in Copenhagen.
  • The style in his pictures has driven some people to label him as a “fantasy artist”.
  • On June 2​nd​ 2014, he was declared honorary citizen in Varde as only the second person in history.
  • In the centre of Varde lies a square named Otto Frellos Plads. Here his two famous house end paintings is placed. Every year, on his birthday, another fish is added to one of these paintings.


Varde Museum, Kirkepladsen 1, 6800 Varde

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