Varde Miniature Town

Arnbjergparken in the centre of Varde is an attractive setting for Varde Miniby - the oldest miniature town in the world built according to the old trades.



The 300 buildings in Varde Miniby are a miniature version of the city of Varde as it appeared around the year 1866. Naturally, Varde is a much older town but due to unfortunate incidents with fire in the early 1800’s the buildings are not as old as the streets which can be dated back to the Middle Ages.

The miniature town is being constructed by the so-called “mini masons” – twelve skilful and passionate men, who meet all year round to build the little houses with homemade bricks and roof tiles, drainpipes, windows and half-timber framings. An impressive piece of craftsmanship depicting cultural history and also quite a draw for local tourism.

  • Varde Miniby has been built in 1:10th scale and each building is made as an exact replica of the original.
  • All building materials have been made by hand in special workshops attended by the so-called “mini masons”. The workshops are open to the public during the season.
  • The miniature town is open daily from May to November.
  • Varde Miniby has its own city council.
  • It is possible to attend guided tours in Varde Miniby full of stories about the old city of Varde.


Varde Miniby

Enghavevej 23, 6800 Varde