vARTe Gallery

Kunsthal vARTe is an art gallery in the city of Varde with both exhibitions and an inspiring artistic atmosphere.

Kunsthal vARTe opened the doors in 2015 and is a place where artists can be both inspired and allowed to work with their art in a beautiful setting.

The gallery is placed in a former factory building from the 1800’s, right in the middle of Varde. The fully restored building has kept a lot of its features. The paving stones in the little yard were imported from Copenhagen where they used to encircle the old Opera House. The lamps on the first floor have also been transported from Copenhagen where they used to light up the capital’s streets and boulevards.

The building has multiple functions as it serves as a gallery, an open atelier and as a residence for artists. These artists get the opportunity to make themselves a creative space by living, working and exhibiting in the gallery. The gallery also serves as a community centre with events, concerts and lectures.

  • Kunsthal vARTe is located in an old factory building from the 1800’s in the centre of Varde.
  • The gallery is a haven for artists who can live and work in the gallery.
  • Every month there is new exhibitions.
  • Entry is free.


Kunsthal vARTe

Smedegade 35, 6800 Varde