The Lighthouse at Blåvandshuk

At the westernmost point in Denmark, you will find the lighthouse at Blåvandshuk. From the lighthouse and the surrounding dunes there is a fantastic view over the North Sea.

Blåvandshuk is the most western point in Denmark and the whole area has to a large extent been formed by the forces of the North Sea.

The 128 feet tall lighthouse warns the ships about the submerged reef Horns Rev, which stretches 25 miles out into the sea. These waters used to be feared by sailors because of the numerous shipwrecks that took place here before the existence of the lighthouse in 1900.

The panoramic view from the 128 feet tall tower is accessible after 170 steps. When the weather is clear it is possible to see all the way out to the offshore wind parks, respectively nine and nineteen miles from the coast.

  • The Lighthouse at Blåvandshuk is a landmark for the local community and has been declared a protected building.
  • The light from the lighthouse can be seen 26 miles away and is still being used to warn sailors of the dangerous Horns Rev.
  • The former home of the lighthouse keeper, situated next to the lighthouse has now been transformed into an information stand for tourists. It also contains an exhibit from 2016 about Horns Rev.


Blåvandshuk Fyr

Fyrvej 106, 6857 Blåvand