Cooking with nature

Varde Municipality and the rest of the southwestern part of Jutland has established itself as one of the most exciting culinary regions in Denmark and is now attracting international attention.

The powerful nature in the southwest has always had a profound impact on the available ingredients and thus the local craftsmen of food. The food production in the area happens on nature’s terms and few other places in the country are the interaction closer between nature, the food producers and the chefs. Characterizing for the region’s best restaurants is that the chefs are dedicated to original interpretations of the local ingredients of the season.

The local produce is sought after and bought by the best chefs in Denmark. The animals grass on naturally nutritious vegetation which gives the meat a particular taste and quality. The region is also known for its fine dairy products. Historically, the first movements of co-operative dairy farming started in Hjedding just south of Ølgod in 1882 and not far from here is the oldest existing of its kind still going in Tistrup. With all these excellent resources and skilful craftsmen there are wonderful opportunities to get your hands on delicacies when visiting Varde Municipality.

  • In 2016, Henne Kirkeby Kro was awarded a Michelin Star as the first restaurant in Denmark outside Aarhus and Copenhagen. In 2017 they received their second Michelin Star.
  • There is five restaurants from Varde Municipality in the prestigious White Guide 2016/17.
  • One of the biggest sanctuaries for red deer in the country is placed in the Danish North Sea Nature Park.
  • On the western peninsula Skallingen one single cowboy is in charge of 600 pieces of cattle when they grass in the summer.
  • Nymindegab Kro was crowned the Best Restaurant Experience in 2016 by the association Small Danish Hotels.
  • The gourmet boutique Hr. Skov has been named one of the world’s leading stores in food and ingredients by the international magazine Monocle.