Music in Mariehaven

Every year, the famous Danish musician Helge Engelbrecht organizes several TV-transmitted open-air concerts in the beautiful settings in Mariehaven under the title “Sommersang i Mariehaven”.

Mariehaven is a privately owned music scene based in Ansager. It is placed in the middle of a beautiful natural scenery with trees all around the concert area and is widely known for providing a great music experience for the attending crowd. Mariehaven has developed into an attractive setting for musicians during the open-air concerts in the middle of summer. The great musical environment in Mariehaven has inspired a series of other activities, including the annual Mariefestival – a three day long completely sold out music festival in September.

In 2016, the festival “Lille Marie” premiered as a two day long festival for the disabled. The same year saw the introduction of summer dancing in Mariehaven.

  • Five summer concerts are held annually in Mariehaven. These concerts feature a long line of both Danish and international musicians.
  • The organization behind Mariehaven started out in 1999 as a house uniting visual art, pottery, lectures, story telling and music.
  • As part of the 2016 version of Mariefestival more than 200 concerts were played featuring 500 various artists.
  • Mariehaven is placed in a beautiful natural scenery along the stream Ansager Å.


Søndergade 20, 6823 Ansager