Open-air theatre in Varde

In the heart of Varde Municipality resides “7-kanten” - the biggest amateur theatre society in Denmark. Since 1978, an annual open-air theatre show has been performed on the stage in Arnbjergparken.

“Shrek the Musical”, “The Sound of Music”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Beauty and the Beast” and in 2016: “Zorro”. There have been many performances during the years, each time gathering thousands of spectators who find their seats under the majestic crowns of the tall beeches secluding the stage in Arnbjergparken in the middle of Varde.

But “7-kanten” is much more than the annual open-air theatre. 450 members of this amateur theatre society sets up theatre festivals for children, intimate special performances, formidable farces and much more. It features some of the most skilful set decorators as well as the largest costume department in the country, in possession of several hundreds costumes available for rent.

  • The annual open-air theatre in Arnbjergparken is attended by around 30.000 people.
  • 400 volunteers are involved in the production of the open-air theatre.
  • The amateur theatre group behind the open-air theatre is the biggest in the country.
  • The yearly production of an open-air theatre has existed since 1978 where it debuted in front of an audience of 6.000 people.


(only in the Summer season)

Varde Sommerspil

Enghavevej, 6800 Varde