The Garden of Tambour

The Garden of Tambour is the result of Gerhard Tambour’s love of nature and his passion for collecting plants from all corners of the world to see them grow in his own garden.

In the year prior to the beginning of World War II, the tailor Gerhard Tambour bought a piece of land at Karlsgårde Sø. At first, it was merely a garden of fruits and vegetables but it was later replaced with flowers and trees. The first seed germinated in 1939 and since that the garden has developed into a park with plants and flowers in a class of its own. Through the years, Tambour purchased additional pieces of land and expanded the park with a Japanese themed garden as well as a garden of healing, which became his last act before his death in 1978.

In 1979 the garden was entrusted with the local municipality of the time and today it is owned by Varde Municipality. The garden is tended to by a staff of volunteers and is visited by thousands of people each year. Even the Queen of Denmark has recently paid the garden a visit and enjoyed its luxuriant diversity of plants.

  • The Garden of Tambour covers 270.000 square feet of land.
  • The park is divided into five different gardens: Lillehaven (The Small Garden), Langhaven (The Long Garden), Storhaven (The Big Garden), Japanhaven (The Japanese Garden) and Medicinhaven (The Garden of Healing).
  • An orangery is expected to be added to the garden in 2017.


Tambours Have

Bredmosevej 21, 6800 Varde


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