The Danish North Sea Nature Park

The Danish North Sea Nature Park was established in 2014 and covers about 86 square miles of beautiful landscape along the coastline from Blåvandshuk to Nymindegab.

The Danish North Sea Nature Park contains a vast number of stories about nature and cultural history. Stories about the life on the Danish west coast. About bunkers and German fugitives. About red deer, migration of birds and the re-established lake Filsø. More than 500 stories are told and available in three different languages through a free app that also contains detailed maps, interesting routes for hiking and cycling as well as beautiful photos.

At Denmark’s most western point the lighthouse at Blåvandshuk rises 180 feet above the ever changing North Sea. Right at the surf on the outer brink you can stand with one leg in UNESCO World Heritage and the other in the Danish North Sea Nature Park with a view to the country’s largest offshore wind parks at Horns Rev. This place was once one of the world’s most dangerous areas for passing ships that sank by the hundreds. To this day, driftwood continues to wash ashore.

The Danish North Sea Nature Park is characterised by world class beaches, dunes, moors and coast near lakes. The more than 340 types of bird species in the area are protected by European law.


  • The lighthouse at Blåvandshuk was used for the first time at New Year’s Eve 1900 and still works to this day.
  • Denmark’s most western point is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.
  • From the lighthouse it is easy to see Denmark’s biggest offshore wind parks: Horns Rev 1, 2 and 3.

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