Nymindegab Museum

Nymindegab Museum is a museum of both art and cultural history. In this little building, eyewitness accounts of famous painters are mixed with archaeological objects from local history.

The important entrance to Ringkøbing Fjord and thereby the market town Ringkøbing was located at Nymindegab for several centuries.

Nymindegab once consisted of only a fishing village and an inn where small boats were used to ferry people across the water to Holmslands Klit. In the months of summer, the little village became a very busy place with fishermen and girls from local farms called “esepiger” whose job was to prepare the bait for the fishermen. In the summer of 1878, the young painter Lauritz Tuxen came to Nymindegab. Here he found an unspoiled landscape, picturesque “natives” and a wealth of motives. Subsequently, the place became a preferred destination for artists several years before the famous “Skagensmalere” became modern.

This very story is at the centre of the newly refurbished museum (opened June 2020).

At Nymindegab Museum it is possible to enjoy a broad selection of the pictures the famous gathering of artists produced, as well as look at various objects and tales from the area. Among the many interesting archaeological findings is the excavation from Lønne Hede where some of the best preserved textiles from the Iron Age was discovered. Also fascinating is the findings from Henne Kirkeby where currently 375 ancient workshops have been uncovered. They are dated as remains from the Viking Age and are believed to have been used to weave sails for the viking ships. More than this, the museum also contains an open-air section with a local house from the 1930’s and the skeleton from a 40 feet long whale.

  • On the southern side of the important entrance to Ringkøbing Fjord was once a fishing village and an inn with a magnificent view over the beautiful landscape. This place later became known as Nymindegab.
  • In the last quarter of the eighteen hundreds, the painter Lauritz Tuxen came to Nymindegab. In the following years the area became a preferred destination for many important painters, mainly arriving from Copenhagen.
  • Nymindegab Museum owns a large collection of paintings as well as an exhibition focusing on cultural history and archaeological findings from primarily the Iron Age and the Viking Age.


Nymindegab Museum

Vesterhavsvej 294, 6830 Nørre Nebel